Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Watermelon Spooktacular

Grace was asked by her boss to pull an overnighter at work, and I accidentally mistook Brody's atomoxetine for NyQuil (Doh!), so it looks like I have the living room to myself for the evening. However, since TBS has removed Everybody Love Raymond reruns from their lineup, I finally found some time to blog.

With Halloween creeping around the corner, I took some time today to treat my son to a well-known holiday tradition: pumpkin carving! However, with Brody being allergic to pumpkin seeds, I decided we'd use watermelons instead. And what spooky watermelons they turned out to be!

We began by scooping out the tasty innards. Brody said the watermelon guts reminded him of cherry-flavored Italian ice. I told him it reminded me of coagulated blood. Hey, why didn't the watermelon visit the haunted house? Because it had no guts! (LOL!)

 Get a load of these melons (LOL!)

Once hollowed, it was time we got to carving. I mapped out a profile of Ronon Dex from Stargate: Atlantis on my watermelon while Brody quickly got to slicing and dicing (which made me really angry because it was hard work hollowing out those melons, but I bit my tongue until the pain overrode my anger). Unfortunately, some of the residing anger cause me to become reckless and slice my finger with the carving knife. I politely reminded Brody to not make me angry or mistakes like this are bound to continue. Nevertheless, Brody had a lot of fun carving his watermelon, despite his little mishap.

Apparently Valium is a blood thinner.

Once finished, I suggested we take a few minutes beholding our masterpieces (To tell you the truth, I could've gandered at my "water-magnum opus" all night).

I left the blood on mine to give it that extra scare factor.
Brody's is the bad one (LOL!).

It was a lovely experience I got to share with my boy and one that I couldn't resist sharing with you guys.

Keep on dadding!


  1. It's never a true holiday tradition until there are at least two incidents involving blood. Tht's not just a Halloween thing. Hope you recover and glad he had a good time!

    1. Thanksgiving turned out to be a bloodbath when I under-cooked the turkey. That's the last time I buy a turkey from a rustic trading post.

  2. I've got to remember that watermelon joke. That's a killer. In my household we just made spaghetti brains. It was gruesome, and after we were done with them we turned it into fettuccine afraid-o! (LOL!)

    1. We'll have to get together some time over some chocolate shakes and exchange some of our jokes. That joke was so minty that it left my page feeling refreshed.

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